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Genealogy Tip of the Day by it’s intent is short and to the point.  The brief nature of our tips means that we don’t cover everything in great depth. The intent of the tip is to make you aware of something or to remind you of something you forgot. For some tips following up elsewhere is necessary.

My how-to newsletter Casefile Clues is different–it’s more detailed, more in-depth, and covers topics or records more fully.

Casefile Clues brings you one or more of the following:

  • Sources–Some weeks Casefile Clues focuses on a specific source or type of record, discussing how that source can be accessed, researched, and interpreted.
  • Methodology–Some weeks Casefile Clues works on one of Michael’s problems. Many times these problems are “in progress,” and Casefile Clues reflects that by explaining what was researched, why it was researched, and where to go next (and why).
  • Case Studies–Some weeks Casefile Clues focuses on a specific record on a specific person and analyzes that record, discusses what it says (and what it does not) and where to go next based upon that person and the specific record.
  • Citations–Casefile Clues includes citations of sources and records. Articles can easily be read without them, but we include citations for those who prefer to have them and we do try and model citations in the style of Evidence Explained.
  • ReasonsCasefile Clues tries to give you insight into why certain research avenues were pursued over others. Often the genealogist simply does not have time or money to locate every piece of paper available. Sometimes it is necessary to go with what likely will give us the “most bang for the buck.”
  • Readable–We work very hard to make Casefile Clues readable. Columns are not “fluff” or generic “how-to” pieces.
  • CoverageCasefile Clues covers all American time periods and records. All families discussed come from the ancestry of Michael’s children who lived in a variety of states and countries. All examples are from actual families on which Michael has worked or is working.

View a list of previous topics from volumes 1-3 or volume 4 to see what we cover.

Subscribe today ($20 for 52 issues) and we’ll start your subscription with issue 4-14. It’s one of the best genealogical bargains around.

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