How We Choose Search Tips

The author at a very young age--before he discovered genealogy.

The author at a very young age–before he discovered genealogy.

Search Tips get posted here for one of two reasons:

  • FamilySearch updates–generally I post United States material, Canadian material and Western Europe.
  • Other things that cross my desk.

Readers are encouraged to submit suggestions to me at, but they will be used at my discretion.

These Search Tips are not generated from press releases and I don’t make any claims to being a “genealogy news” site. There are enough of those and that’s simply not how I roll.

“Other things that cross” my desk are, generally speaking, related to where my children have ancestors or where I have a research interest.  I’m always open to ideas from readers of sites they’d like to see mentioned, but “other things that cross my desk” are ones I encounter when doing actual research.

And…thanks for listening…and for reading.


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