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Digital Icons at FamilySearch

FamilySearch improved their icons indicating what sort of digital access is available to records on their site. This list is current as of the date of this post. Corrections or suggestions can be sent to me at

The “format” icon with a key above the camera indicates that a digital image is available, but online access is restricted.


Those images can only be viewed by:

  • members of the church who are logged into their accounts
  • patrons at a family history center
  • patrons at a FamilySearch affiliate library

As shown below. There is never a charge to use a family history center or affiliate library.


The camera without the key above it indicates that digital images are available to anyone accessing the internet. This roll of film has an index as well–indicated by the magnifying glass.


The camera with the “screen” behind it indicates that digital images are available at a “partner site.” The partner site images can be accessed at a family history center or FamilySearch affiliate library–or through a personal account to the site. Partner sites are usually commercial companies to which private individuals can subscribe.


Illinois-Hancock, McDonough, Rock Island, and Schuyler County Newsletters

This set of images of west-central Illinois historical society newsletters is hosted by Western Illinois University in Macomb,Illinois.

This collection features Historical Society newsletters from the west-central Illinois counties of Hancock (1987-), McDonough (1982-) [including Colchester Area Historical Society (1995-)], Rock Island (1966-), and Schuyler (1969-).

Searching for Please Copy

Newspapers used to request that out-of-town newspapers copy certain news items that involved former residents. If a newspaper requested an item on your ancestor be copied by other towns search to see if they also requested those towns copy items on other residents.

It could be a clue as to who traveled with your ancestor.please-copy

Working With AncestryDNA Matches Webinar Released

My triple cousin doesn’t match with me as much as I thought she would….see why.

We have released the recording of my latest webinar: “Working with Your AncestryDNA Matches.”

We focused on the matches–analyzing, understanding, and organizing. I even made some headway on a few of mine while creating the PowerPoint slides for the presentation.

Our presentation is laid back. There’s not a lot of chit-chat and we focus on being practical and being as technical as necessary without making attendees feel like this was a biology lecture or a math class.

More details are on our announcement page. If you registered for the live session, please email me at the address in your registration receipt for fastest response. Thanks!

We’re looking forward to continuing more presentations in this series.