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Searching for Geographic Features in Virginia Patents at the LVA website

The Library of Virginia (LVA) website allows for a variety of ways to search their digital images of Virginia land patents (including name of grantee and names mentioned in metes and bounds descriptions). Many of these documents mention the creek or river running along the property line. It’s possible to search the database for other patents mentioning that same creek–just search “all field.”

Learn about the patents on the Library of Virginia website or search the patents.


New Webinar on Library of Virginia Land Patents

This hour-long presentation provides a very broad and quick overview of what land patents are on the Library of Virginia Website; how to search, download, organize, and interact with the images. Handout included.

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Spring Break Webinars-Brick Walls, Newspapers, and Virginia Patents


Newspaper Research–13 March 2017–11 am central time.

This hour-long session will focus on finding newspapers (including online [free and fee-based], microfilm, and paper copies), search techniques for digital and microfilm copies, what to search for, interpretive pitfalls, creating citations, published abstracts, and more. Handout included

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Library of Virginia Land Patents–13 March 2017-2 pm central time

This hour-long presentation will provide an overview of what land patents are on the Library of Virginia Website; how to search, download, and interact with the images; using the images in further research; transcription issues; and more as time allows. Handout included.

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“Brick Wall Busters” 2017–14 March 2017–8 pm central time

This hour-long presentation (aimed at advanced beginner and intermediate researchers) will focus on research approaches to get you past “brick walls”. We will look at reasons why we have “brick walls” and how we may be making our own “brick walls.” Focus will be on problem-solving, getting past assumptions, realizing what we know versus what we think we know, and completely analyzing and understanding what we already have.

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