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When Searching for Warrants at the BLM Site…

Land warrants at the Bureau of Land Management website are geographically indexed based upon where the property that was patented was located. That often has no connection to where the soldier who was issued a warrant lived or served from.

Unless you know the veteran patented the property himself and where that was, don’t search for a specific location of a land warrant.


Basics of Citation Webinar Released

I just finished my “Basics of Citation” webinar–I img_20160610_112610540went over the allotted time and had good questions from attendees. We looked at several examples during the hour-long presentation and discussed the philosophy of citations in a down-to-earth, practical fashion. Our focus was on typical documents and sources researchers use. We did not focus on the arcane or unusual.

One of my goals was to make citations less intimidating. I want people to cite their sources.

It is not the end of the world if your citations are not in the technically proper format. My goal is to make researchers less concerned about minute details and more concerned about the importance of citations and what information is crucial for later research and analysis. I don’t want to people to forgo citations because they’re worried about not doing them right.

The presentation can be ordered for immediate download–handout included. Do not use this link to request your complimentary copy if you registered for the live session. Email me at the email given in your receipt. Thanks!