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Swedish Databases Updated at FamilySearch

The following Swedish databases have recently been updated at FamilySearch:

Sweden, Skaraborg Church Records, 1612-1921; index 1625-1860
Sweden, Västmanland Church Records, 1538-1901; index 1622-1860
Sweden, Östergötland Church Records, 1555-1911; index 1616-1860
Sweden, Göteborg och Bohus Church Records, 1577-1932; index 1659-1860
Sweden, Norrbotten Church Records, 1612-1923; index 1658-1860
Sweden, Kronoberg Church Records, 1589-1921; index 1612-1860

Does the Site Allow Multiple Wildcards?

Sometimes combining wildcards is necessary in order to find all reasonable matches for a surname. Before relying on such searches, make certain the site actually supports the use of multiple wildcards. The most efficient search for the last name of Sartorius is to insert wildcards for the first “r” and before the final “s.” That is based upon the main variants for this name. Multiple wildcards may be the best way to construct your searches.searchtip-claude-sartorius

NYC Area Real Estate Record 1868-1922

The Real Estate Record is a weekly report of building activity in New York City and its environs (it appears to include a variety of real estate transactions and activity). This website contains issues from Volume 1 (published in 1868) to Volume 110 (published in 1922). It has full text search capabilities. Thanks to RBO on Genealogy Tip of the Day on Facebook for suggesting this item.