Dates on Google Books May Be Off

“Dates of publication” as shown in GoogleBooks may not be the actual date of publication of the original material. This reference, “Political Pamphlets (United States) from the Durrett…” shows as being published in 1840. It is actually a book of political pamphlets from something called the Durrett Collection and contains items from 1840 to 1878.

I almost didn’t look at it as it was “too early.”  It might be a good idea to take those publication years at GoogleBooks with a grain of salt.


Webinar Released: Using Database Indexes at FamilySearch

Using Indexes at FamilySearch

Making the best use of indexed materials at FamilySearch requires a knowledge and understanding of how the indexes at FamilySearch work and how they do not. After providing an overview of search strategies to use at FamilySearch we will look at several examples where locating the person of interest was more involved than simply typing their name the search box and finding it the first time. This presentation will also briefly address organizing your online search strategy. Handout included.

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