Your Personal List of Incorrect Ancestry Database Locations

A recent post on Rootdig mentioned towns that are not in the database of locations used for their drop-down menu when searching. Since the chance these get fixed in the near term is slight, keep a list of locations you have had to reverse engineer and search for differently.

I never remember all the locations that are missing (or where “Saint” is spelled “St,” etc.) and  realize after the fact that “I already discovered this a year ago.”

Because of that, I’ve kept a personal list. And remember sometimes how a location is entered in the database can change from one census year to another–depending on how it was written on the census page:

  • Walker Township in Hancock County is sometimes Township 3 N 8 W
  • St Mary’s Township is Saint Marys sometimes and sometimes St Marys, etc.


Shelby County, Tennessee Databases on Register of Deeds Website

The website for the Shelby County Tennessee, Recorder of Deeds has the following databases:

Tennessee Vital Records

  • Death Records Index 1949-2014
  • Divorce Records Index 1980-2014
  • Marriage Records Index 1980-2014

Shelby County Records

  • Birth Records 1874-1912
  • Chancery Court Divorce Index 1945-1997
  • Circuit Court Indexes 1893-2000
  • Death Records 1848-1965
  • Land Bank Properties For Sale
  • Marriage Records 1820-2014
  • Memphis Census 1865
  • Memphis City Directories 1849-1943
  • Memphis Police Blotter 1858-1860
  • Memphis Provost Marshal 1863-1865
  • Naturalization Records 1856-1906
  • Occupant, Entry, and Survey Books 1819-1962
  • Probate Court Loose Paper Index 1820-1900
  • Probate Court Will Book Indexes/Images 1830-2000
  • Quarterly Court Loose Papers Index 1820-1865

Notes on that Database or Website

Some databases or websites have unique search features that take time to figure out. Some image sites have issues with some images (classified incorrectly, newspaper images with incorrect dates showing on search results, etc.).

You won’t always remember them all.

Keep a file or a list of sites that you use and the “issues” that you find. Then review them the next time you use the site.

That way you are not wasting time.