About Genealogy Search Tip of the Day

We’ve picked up quite a few fans/followers of this blog, so I thought I’d briefly post a little bit about Genealogy Search Tip of the Day.

Genealogy Search Tip of the Day is written by Michael John Neill. These tips are different from those that appear on Genealogy Tip of the Day. This blog was originally to contain one web-based or online search tip every day–but I realized that I didn’t always have something every day, so we stopped making certain I had something “every day,” because I hate to write a tip just so I can say I have a tip. Tips are things I encounter during my own research–we don’t copy them from other blogs or sites. Because of this, they tend to be concentrated on areas where I have people. Those who want to know more about my own personal family tree can see my ahnenlist.

Genealogy Search Tip of the Day is totally free–although we do appreciate those who use our affiliate links to make purchases or purchase one of my webinars.

Thanks to everyone who participates in any way, shape, or form in Genealogy Search Tip of the Day. It is appreciated.

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