Do You Find Search Tip Helpful?

I’m trying to judge how helpful this blog is to people as it generates the least amount of feedback and response.

So…if you enjoy getting the website updates and FamilySearch announcements, please let me know. You can respond to the email if that’s how you receive these, or post to the Facebook if that’s where you see them, or comment to this blog post.

And feel free to let others know about this blog.  Thanks!


16 thoughts on “Do You Find Search Tip Helpful?

  1. Janet Alexander

    Please keep it coming! Often my geographic areas of interest are different, but the tips are useful (and humorous – thank you!) in suggesting approaches I’ve not considered. Also it’s reassuring to be reminded I’m not the only soul addicted to family searching and faced with seemingly insurmountable brick walls.

  2. Cindy

    Yes, it’s useful. Often, it is the first place I learn of a new resource that is available within one of the large genealogy services.

  3. Peggy Hendricks

    Thank you for Search tips! I find references here I probably would never find on my own. Useful? You bet!

  4. Meredith

    I read all three of your blogs regularly. I get digest updates whenever a blog I follow has a new post. Really enjoy them all.

  5. Virginia Brizendine

    Don’t usually find much to use on the Genealogy Search Tip, but today’s Texas General Land Office index and was a real find. Like most genie searching, you have to “turn over a lot of rocks.”

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      Usually these are things on FamilySearch or things that I’ve personally used. Because of that, it reflects my own personal biases, etc. I just hate it when sites mention things that the writer has not used or hasn’t even taken a look at–so things I’ve not used aren’t mentioned here. The only exception is databases that FamilySearch announces as new/updated.

  6. Barbara Regenstein

    I definitely find this blog helpful! I subscribe to all of your blogs and enjoy them very much. I also share with my friends and in FB genealogy groups. We really appreciate the updates and your commentary.

  7. Pat Ryan

    Thanks for all your work and sharing. If not new I often find reminders- things I may not have tried in a while. I appreciate it.

  8. Linda Thomsen

    Your blog often offers a new tip or aspect of something one simply took for granted. The info you provide inspires us to keep searching. Thanks!

  9. Frank

    Yes, I find your blog very useful and informative. I look forward to each post and have used much of the advice and many of the suggestions.

  10. Tina

    Thanks for the search tips you provide. Always useful information, and I really like the short, sweet and to the point way it’s shared. It’s my favorite geneology-related email. Great job!

  11. Thomas Vilfroy


    Yes I do enjoy this blog. Namely since it sometimes lists sites that I hadn’t known about.


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