Difference Between Warrantee and Patentee on BLM Site

Do you know the difference between the warrantee and the patentewarranteee when searching the Bureau of Land Management website? The patentee generally was the person who settled the land and acquired title to it. The warrantee was the person to whom a “coupon” or warrant was issued. This warrant was good for a specific acreage of land in thee federal territories.

Some warrant holders sold them to other individuals who actually acquired went to the federal domain, struck out a claim and received title to federal property.

Always search for warrantees in all states. If your ancestor assigned his warrant to someone else, that patent location may have nothing to do with your ancestor at all.


8 thoughts on “Difference Between Warrantee and Patentee on BLM Site

  1. Kat

    Due to spelling variations, searches can be done on land descriptions (township, range, section) for various areas. That’s how I found that my ancestor received a warrant in Louisiana for his service in the Mexican war. I also found other family members with different surnames receiving land in that same parish.

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      That’s true, Kat. The only problem with using land descriptions for warrants is when they were assigned by the warrantee to someone else who actually patented the property. In those cases, a warrantee living in New Hampshire may appear on a patent issued to someone patenting property in Iowa or who knows where. But when the patentee is the warrantee, geographic based searches are an excellent idea.

    1. mjnrootdig Post author

      No it should have two “r”s. I hit “post” a little too early. Thanks for catching that.

      1. Lynda

        The best proofreading of a blog is done AFTER it is published. Why is it I can’t find those errors BEFORE I hit that button. 🙂

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