2 thoughts on “Maine, J. Gary Nichols Cemetery Collection, ca. 1780-1999 on FamilySearch

  1. Alan Barker

    How can I verify the information you have published regarding the death date and cemetery location? I want to find a person that you have listed as living for only three weeks. Your website has a picture of the name, parents names and a map location. The cemetery doesn’t assign a map location. They have no record of the person namex

  2. Alan Barker

    I can’t find any records of my sister’s existence except for a picture of the cemetery location card you have posted on your website. My sister died in 1959. The card you have is dated as being updated or entered into your system in 1993? Can you please send me a copy of any records you have for Laurie Ann Barker, died 1959, age 3 weeks, buried in Riverside Anne , South Paris, ME, County of Oxford. What source records did you have in 1993 to update the records on file?
    Thank you.


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