Days Between Dates

WolframAlpha will calculate the number of days between two specific dates and provide the day of the week for each date on their site for ranges of dates entered in 1 January 1900-17 August 1967wolframalpha format.


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  1. Louise Hanson says:


    Is WolframAlpha or any other site able to calculate an earlier date using a date and a number of years, months, weeks, and days. For instance, Mary if died on 23 February 1889 and was 39 years, 6 month, and 14 days old, what was her birthdate? I have run into this using obituaries and funeral notices, where they don’t give a birthdate, just how old a person was when they died. I have calculated by counting back, but it can be time-consuming as you need to be sure to calculate in leap years.


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