Using the “Unit Index to Civil War Pensions” at

Users without memberships at can browse the “unit index” to Union Civil War pensions enough to see if their person of interest received a pension. To see the actual card, fee-based access is needed. But the index will tell you if there is a pension for a specific person within a specific unit.

The actual pension, which is what most researchers probably want, are at the National Archives.

The screen shots show the procedure. fold3-1





One thought on “Using the “Unit Index to Civil War Pensions” at

  1. Kat

    Don’t look for you soldier if he was a Confederate. Pensions were granted by the states.
    In searching in the records for Civil-War pensions from Mississippi, I found my grandfather’s application for a pension for his service in the Spanish-American War. He was not born until 1877. Fold3 seems to have mixed up these two sets of records.


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