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Iowa, Death Records, 1921-1940 on FamilySearch

FamilySearch is indicating that the following database is new or has been updated since our last posting:

Iowa, Death Records, 1921-1940

These are currently posted by digital numbers, are not indexed and required browsing. Search the card catalog for your county of interest, then look for vital records in that county, then choosing death records. If they are online for your county of interest, you’ll see an icon on the far right indicating that.


A Reminder Regarding’s Probate Database

A reminder from November 2015:‘s United States probate collection is incomplete–they don’t have every probate record for every state in their collection, they don’t have every thing online that FamilySearch has microfilmed, and their indexes are not complete. In fact their indexes generally only are to the names of the testator or person whose estate is being probated. But it is a start for those who have a membership. This page has links to the state specific collections of probate materials at I find it easier to use than navigating their catalog.