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Getting to Individual Book Indexes on MDLANDREC

Many of the local Maryland deed books on MDLANDREC (the site hosted by the Maryland State Archives) have individual indexes in each volume. To determine if a specific volume has an accompanying index, type in “0” for the page number. The aggregate indexes may not index every item in the actual book (powers of attorney, for example) or may contain errors. (Thanks to a reader of Rootdig for pointing this out.) mdland-rec

New Genealogy Brick Wall Webinar Released

We received good feedback from this latest installment in my “Brick Wall” series–25 Brick Wall Busters.

If you’ve enjoyed our “Brick Wall” series, this one will revisit some of our more popular approaches along with new examples and a few new tricks thrown in the mix. Sometimes it never hurts to hear something again, if only for the reminder. This presentation will include a handout with the concepts discussed and brief examples demonstrating the approach. This presentation is geared towards the advanced beginner/intermediate level researcher.

Order the recorded copy of the presentation for immediate download.

Maps at the Library Of Congress

The Library of Congress has a wonderful collection of United States maps, many of which are digitized. The interface has been changed since I last visited the site and is much improved. There are a variety of  digital images of county and state maps on this site which can be viewed online or downloaded.


1889 Adams County, Illinois, County Atlas–showing part of Clayton Township


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