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Migration Trail Clues from WorldConnect?

WorldConnect can give researchers clues as to other families that might have been a part of the same migration trail as your ancestor. This approach does have limitations:

  • You may find the same people over and over
  • You will only find people who have been located by a researcher
  • You will only find people whose descendant or relative has bothered to enter them
  • Some submitters have incorrect information

That said the database can give you names that could be helpful. When I performed this search for natives of Harford County, Maryland, who died in Coshocton County, Ohio, I saw two relatively unusual last names that also appeared in one branch of the family who left Ohio for Fulton County, Illinois.

Clues from WorldConnect should be used as clues.

They should not be used as fact.

DAR Lineage Books

We mentioned this on Rootdig, but will post here for those who might not be aware of it.

A recently released database,”North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000,” appears to contain digital images of most Daughters of the American Revolutionary War lineage books up through volume 152.

The lineage books may also be on just not in one database.

The DAR website also has a lineage database that can be searched.