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Sites that Do Not Soundex or Wildcard

Not every digital newspaper website allows for soundex or wildcard searches. Be open to the fact that the name may be spelled the same wrong way throughout an entire newspaper and think of those variants or of other names that might be in the same article or obituary. wrongallthetime


Don’t forget our webinar prices will go up on 20 January. Details on our page.

Webinar Price Increase On 20 January

I’ve kept my webinar prices low since their inception several years ago, but various fees associated with hosting and distributing the presentations have forced me to raise the prices.

Effective 20 January 2016, the price of individual webinars will be $20 each at a minimum.

Prices for most presentations now are mostly in the $8 range. Orders are processed immediately–downloads are immediate. Once downloaded, you “have” the presentation to view whenever it is convenient. It’s just the order that has to take place before 8 am. on 20 January 2016.

There are more details on our webinar page.