Monthly Archives: September 2015’s Probate Materials Part 2 Webinar

I’ve just finished up More on the Probate Materials on (order here).

I really enjoyed giving my first presentation on the probate materials on and learned a lot doing it.  Now that I’ve had time to get into the materials more deeply and have had questions from attendees, viewers, and blog readers, we continued our discussion and discovery with “US Probate Materials on Part II.”

Part 2 will cover:bookforbarbara-115x300 (1)

  • Searching the unindexed probate materials at–remember that the index on only scratches the surface of what is on the site
  • Navigating the several search boxes and inventory interfaces
  • Making certain you have gotten all the probate references for your person of interest that are on
  • Determining what additional may be on microfilm at FamilySearchand onsite at the courthouse
  • Comparing‘s coverage with that on  does not have all FamilySearch microfilm on their website.
  • And more–based upon your questions.
  • Discussion will partially be via several examples

The medial file for the presentation and the handout is available for $8–download is immediate.

Information on Part I is here.

BLM Tract Books May Answer Your Question

I’m looking for a potential homestead file on a relative from Nebraska. He’s not in the indexes to homestead records at or (which I suspect are the same index). I need to search the BLM tract books for him in the area where his farm was located because:

  • the name is spelled wrong
  • he never completed the homestead claim, but did have a claim that was incomplete–that incomplete claim would still be in the tract book, but not in the homestead index which is only to completed records

Our old tip on the BLM tract books.

Webinars: Ancestry’s Probate, Terminology, and Pre-1850 Research

We’ve just released recordings of our three new webinars:

bookforbarbara-115x300 (1)The “Probate Records on” presentation was held on 5 September. The presentation on the new probate records database on included:

  • determining what is in the database
  • search techniques and strategies
  • limitations of the records
  • limitations of the search interface
  • interacting with images

Learn how to make effective use of this large database. Michael has thirty years of research experience using probate records. Order the presentation and handout (download immediate) for only $8.

Original, Derivative, Primary, Secondary, Direct and Indirect, Evidence and Proof and More!: Troubles with Terms

This session will look at just what is typically meant by these genealogical terms. Anyone’s research can benefit from an understanding of “proof” terminology, even if publishing in a journal is the furthest thing from your mind. Knowing the differences of these terms and when to use each one will improve your research skills and your ability to reach conclusions. Aimed for the advanced beginning or slightly more experienced researcher. Purchase for immediate download–handout and presentation included.

US Problem-Solving Outside New England Before 1850

There are several challenges to researching families outside of New England before 1850. There simply are not the vital records that there are in New England; the census does not name every person; records on the frontier are not as detailed. We will discuss research strategies for families during this time period, concentrating on after 1700 and before 1850. Aimed at someone who has not done too much work in this time period. Purchase for immediate download–handout and presentation included.