Monthly Archives: August 2015

New Live Webinars

I’m putting on what will be the last of my new webinars for a while as I’m getting back to research and writing. Our topics on Friday/Saturday of this week are:

  • Charts, Charts, and More Charts
  • Pre-1850 Research
  • Genealogical Terms and Definitions
  • Preserving Past You

Anyone registered will receive a complimentary copy of the download after the presentations have been recorded. Even if you can’t attend live, register and get the recorded copy a few days after the session. There are more details here.


Thanks to those who purchased webinars during my closeout sale. To let people complete missed downloads, etc. the hosting service is still up and if you missed the chance to order you can still do so. Please note:

  • if you ordered presentations and had download issues, please let me know at so that this can be corrected before the end of the month
  • if you’d still like to order, we can take orders through the end of the month. Just make certain you download the file as soon as the download link comes through. You don’t have to view immediately.

State Reporters on Google Books

Many state reporters (where cases appealed to google-booksthe state supreme court) are summarized have been digitized by GoogleBooks. While most of the summaries focus on the reasons behind the appeal, there may be genealogical details in the cases and the existence of an appeal would indicate an original action in a lower court.

One way to locate entries in these reporters is to include the last name, the name of the county, and the name of the state when searching in GoogleBooks at