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Reminder–Save those Images

Save my picture when you find it--you'll be glad you did.

Save my picture when you find it–you’ll be glad you did.

There are things you will never find online again–no matter how hard you try.

There are images that will “go away” when the host site’s agreement with the original data provider changes or expires.

You may no longer be able to afford the membership that allowed you to access those images.

Save the image to your personal media when you locate it. Don’t wait.

You’ll be glad you did.

Registration Deadline for this Week’s Webinars

Registration for this week’s webinars is ending on 11 July 2017 at 10 PM central time–to make things easier for our registration staff. Registrants who have not received links to attend 24 hours before a scheduled start should email me at so I can take care of it.

Topics are:

  • Pond Crossing
  • German Research
  • Elements of Citation
  • Land Records Basics

Registrations can be processed on our announcement page. Thanks!


Telephone EXchange Name Project

warsaw-exchangesUS Telephone numbers used to begin with two letters which usually stood for a word related to some geographic feature in the area. These exchange letters are often found in classified advertisements in old newspaper and in city directories.

In some abbreviations were not used. The illustration indicates that “red” was used as one exchange in the Warsaw, Illinois, area.

The Telephone EXchange Name Project is an in-progress database of telephone exchanges submitted by users.



Adams County, Illinois, Estate Records Online at FamilySearch

Estate case files for Adams County, Illinois, are online at FamilySearch.   The catalog entry says microfilm, but the camera icon is there indicating the material is available in digital format.

Search the catalog for your area of interest to determine if those estate records have been digitized. Newer digital records are linked directly in the catalog.


Thanks and How We Choose Stuff

Thanks for the response to my post from a few days ago. The comments are greatly appreciated, but I probably won’t be able to respond to all of them.

Things get in “Search Tip of the Day” in one of four ways:

  • Things that cross my email inbox, Facebook newsfeed, etc. This is somewhat eclectic.
  • Things that I encounter in my own research (my ancestor table is on my other site) on the lineage of my children.
  • New or updated FamilySearch databases.
  • Occasional submissions from readers.

I don’t use things from press releases and the like. If you’d like to help support Search Tip,  purchases made through the “Books on My Shelf” page generate affiliate revenue which helps offset the cost of maintaining this site.




Pennsylvania County Land Records on FamilySearch

Local land records for many Pennsylvania counties are available digitally at FamilySearch. The easiest way to find them is to locate the individual county records in the card catalog. This is done by searching the catalog for the specific county of interest and then viewing the items in the catalog for that county under “land and property.”


These items are not listed in the “Historical Records” section as many other digital collections were.

Don’t forget to perform similar searches on the catalog for other localities as well.