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To celebrate the start of our 4th volume of Casefile Clues, we’re offering new subscribers a chance to receive a full volume of issues and receive my weekly blog update for free. The blog update is normally $5 a year but is free if you subscribe to Casefile Clues by 5:30 pm on 23 September.
The blog update is weekly and summarizes postings to my four blogs along with premium content:
  • tombstone of the week
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  • term of the week
The blog update is short and to-the-point. A sample is posted online.
Casefile Clues is more in-depth and focuses on a specific document, brick wall, or research concern in every issue. It is easy-to-read, practical, and based on actual research situations and always summarizes the record being discussed, the pitfalls of that document, and where to go next. Our goal is to get you thinking more about each record you find. Samples can be downloaded here. We cover records from a variety of time periods across the United States.

Do You Know How That Site’s Wildcards Work?

Most websites implement wildcard searches in the same fashion, but there can always be variations. Practice using the wildcard searches for entries that you have already located in the database. That’s the best way to know if the wildcard operators are working in the way you think.

If an English language database has no entries with a last name of Smi*, then “*” might not work the way you think it does (or the site may be having issues). A soundex-based search for Jenssen should turn up Johnson as well.


Grow Your Research Skills with Casefile Clues–20% Off Celebration

At long last, we’ve finished volume three of Casefile Clues. To celebrate, we’re offering a 20% discount on any order of back issues of the newsletter. The coupon code is casefileclues. A complete list of issues and topics can be seen on our listing–where you can order as well.casefileclues

Casefile Clues is produced as a separate PDF file for each issue. Orders can be for individual volumes (52 issues each) or the entire set of 156 issues–that’s over 800 pages of genealogical instruction that’s easy to read, easy to understand, and practical. Our intent is to help you with your research by concentrating on the process and the method, not just the neatly-wrapped finished product. Seeing the how and why of the research is important as well. We’re also not trying to impress with five-syllable words or waist-deep prose that requires four readings to understand.

Download is immediate–after your order an email link will be sent allowing you to download your purchase.





National Archives of Ireland Adds 6 New Databases

The following databases have been added to the National Archives of Ireland site:

Read the details of each database before you search. Some images may not yet be posted, but indexes are searchable as of this posting.


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